A crucial component in all dash cams is the MicroSD card in which the dash cam stores all it's captured video.

Because a dash cam is constantly overwriting old unwanted video files, the MicroSD card must be able to withstand a large number of these overwrites while continuing to function reliably.

To make sure your dash cam MicroSD card stores your high-quality video files safely and securely, we recommend High Endurance SD cards for all of our dash cams. These are the same type of MicroSD cards used by home security systems and law enforcement agencies to store their video files.

These high endurance MicroSD cards are designed and tested to specifications set by the Secure Digital Association so that they meet the utmost performance and reliability standards where these cards are needed. These high endurance MicroSD cards are tested in rugged operating conditions to record between 5,000 and 10,000 hours of continuous full HD videos, so you can be sure that they will capture and reliably store all your needed video files.

Some of our dash cams come with MicroSD cards at time of purchase, while some manufacturers (such as VIOFO) do not come with a card pre-installed.

Here are some of our favorite cards to help guide your purchase: