Here we've compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions from people looking to buy their first dash cam. 

What is a dash cam?

A dashboard camera or "dash cam" is a device that allows you to record the surroundings and / or interior of your vehicle. 

A 1-Channel dash cam is one that provides one lens or viewing angle. The most common 1-Channel dash cams are front-facing to record everything in front of you while driving.

A 2-Channel dash cam, as you might guess, provides two lenses or two viewing angles. These two viewing angles are most commonly in the Front & Rear configuration which will record video both in front of and behind your vehicle. A 2-Channel dash cam can also come in a Front & Interior configuration which will record video in front of your vehicle as well as the interior. The Front & Interior models are common for ridesharing to protect the driver from any fraud claims that happen within the vehicle.

 Last but not least, we have 3-Channel dash cams which provide all three viewing angles in a three lens system. The Front, Rear, and Interior angles will make sure your car is monitored to the highest capability.

Why do I need a dash cam?

 The main purpose of a dash cam is to protect you in the event of an accident. With a dash cam you will have video evidence of an accident that happens on the road.

Whether you're trying to convince your insurer or law enforcement the party at fault for an accident or capturing vehicle information for a hit-and-run incident, having a dash cam will provide video evidence of what occurred. Having this extra protection on the road is invaluable and provides a sense of security for one of your most valuable possessions, your vehicle.

Where do dash cams get their power?

All dash cams will come with a car power cable that uses the 12V cigarette lighter to power the camera. This cable will provide power while the car is turned on but will not power the dash cam when the car is turned off. 


Most manufacturers also offer a hardwiring kit which will plug into the car's fuse box and allows additional dash cam functionality. If you are wanting a dash cam with the Parking Mode feature, you will also need to pick up the hardwiring kit along with your dash cam purchase. Using the hardwiring kit allows the dash cam to pull power from the 12V car battery even when the car is turned off. To make sure you don't run your battery too low while away from your vehicle, these hardwiring kits will also come with a low-voltage shutoff that will cut power to the dash cam if your battery happens to drain too much.

Will the memory card fill up and dash cam stop recording?

 The short answer is no, the memory card in your dash cam will not reach it's capacity and stop recording your road adventures. All the dash cams we offer provide Loop Recording, which is the ability to overwrite footage in a constant loop and save only the video files that are needed.